Track engagement, wellbeing and happiness

Pulse survey allows you to ask a simple question, every so often, to capture insights into how your people are feeling. Enables managers to keep their team engaged and motivated

Feedback for the firm

Keeping a ‘finger on the pulse’ of your firm through regular feedback from your employees is an essential activity. Flow Pulse enables you to quickly, easily and regularly send short ‘pulse’ surveys to your people.

Tailor to your needs

Tailor your focus with editable templates, select a chosen demographic or the whole firm, and monitor your dashboard for completion and responses.

Focus on what matters to you

With pulse you can get insights into levels of employee engagement, leadership confidence, the office and remote work environments, or mental health and wellbeing for example.

Whatever you seek feedback on, a short form, pulse survey is a simple way to gather that insight with minimal burden on employees as they complete it.

Track themes and trends

And with repetition and comparison of pulse surveys, the success of interventions in response to employee feedback can be more readily evaluated.