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Introducing Flow

Our new online Performance Engagement platform designed to empower the whole organisation

Designed to engage

Flow is designed for firms who wish to move away from traditional, annualised performance management towards a process which is more agile, continuous, and which most importantly, delivers value to individuals, partners and firms in a professional services environment.

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Feedback at its heart

Flow puts continuous feedback into the heart of an organisation, recognising it as the lifeblood that sustains individual performance, coaching conversations, personal development, employee engagement, and the values which underpin its culture.

Our key features

A person requesting feedback from others
Flow feedback

Flow Feedback provides a decentralised feedback process which enables individuals to request feedback from anyone in the organisation, at any time, on the topics which matter to them.

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360-degree feedback
Flow 360

Flow 360 provides the ability to set up more traditional 360 degree feedback programmes that can be centrally administered, with more detailed 360 feedback PDF reports for individuals and teams.

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Setting objectives
Flow focus

Flow Focus allows individuals to capture their performance objectives, development objectives and career aspirations, before proactively seeking the feedback which helps move them towards these goals.

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Flow conversations
Flow conversations

Flow Conversations provides access to our unique ‘Meaningful Conversations’ framework and on-line course which will develop Manager’s skills and confidence in how to conduct frequent, high quality coaching conversations that will build trust and deliver great outcomes.

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Pulse survey
Flow pulse

Flow pulse enables the firm to request real-time feedback from employees, so you can keep in tune with their levels of engagement, happiness and wellbeing.

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Enterprise-level Security

We see it part of our duty to ensure our platform meets strict industry security standards making it easy for it to be integrated into our client systems with features such as Single Sign-On, providing extra due diligence that internal IT departments need.  As part of this we've secured both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, we also run annual CREST accredited penetration testing.

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