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How to create a feedback-rich culture in your organisation

Our 45 minute webinar from the 18 February 21, saw John Rice, Director of Bowland Software, sharing insights and practical advice for organisations who wish to move away from traditional, annualised performance management towards a process which is more agile, continuous, and which most importantly, supports a feedback-rich culture where individuals are empowered and engaged in their performance, development and growth.

The sesión gave insights into::

  • What is agile performance management and how it can benefit your organisation
  • The crucial link between agile performance management and employee engagement
  • How to create a feedback-rich culture within your business which will transform the way individuals and teams operate.

All attendees got a free introduction guide which offered practical advice and tips on how to seek feedback, contribute feedback and coach around feedback in a way which will deliver the most value to your organisation.

Video recording to be made available shortly