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Hacking HR with Enrique Rubio

We were absolutely delighted to have had Enrique Rubio join us for our recent webinar - As a top 100 global HR influencer, who founded the community called Hacking HR, Enrique shared his insights into how HR can begin to apply agile methodologies within their organisations.

It's all worth a listen, but if you want to jump in at some different moments, then here are some of the highlights:

  • What legacy should HR professionals be seeking to leave? 14:15
  • How to develop your Agile HR capabilities 21:00
  • How feedback creates agility 24:59
  • How to change Performance Management for the better 26:20
  • What is the greatest opportunity for HR to do something better using agility? 28:08
  • Why the current model of Performance Management is like using a typewriter from 1970! 28:35
  • How important is language in the work HR does? 33:20
  • How agile methodologies help HR solve problems and innovate 38:14
  • How HR can design 'Human-Centred' learning experiences 44:19
  • What are the HR trends for 2022 and beyond? 48:17
  • Recommended Reading 57:01

And if you want to get in touch with Enrique or see more of what he is involved in then head over to the Hacking HR website where you join this free community and register your place for next years global conference:

Hacking HR:

Hacking HR 2022 Global Online Conference: