Ensuring you have the right work focus for optimal performance

Flow Focus focusses on what's important to you by setting SMART objectives or more agile OKRs, enabling you to develop your talents, tapping into your passions

Keeping individuals focused on what matters

For individuals, feedback always needs context to be most effective, so the Flow platform allows individuals to capture their performance objectives, development objectives and career aspirations, before proactively seeking the feedback which helps move them towards these goals.

Keeping individuals engaged

Employee engagement increases significantly when individuals are focused on clear goals linked to business priorities and feel they are making a difference; when they are expressing and developing their talents in their current role and for future ones; and when they have the opportunity to find, nurture and satisfy their own personal drivers, motivations and passion.

Moving away from Performance Management

Research increasingly shows that traditional approaches to performance management where objectives are set individually and reviewed annually, with limited feedback along the way, are no longer relevant or effective when firms need to be more agile in the face of rapid change and complex work.

Moving towards Performance Engagement

A new approach of performance engagement is needed with clear goals, continuous feedback and regular check-in conversations, enabling firms to revise strategy, refocus priorities, and develop individuals skills and capabilities quickly in order to seize upon opportunities.