Develop a culture of Meaningful Conversations

To develop capabilities and confidence you need to create a culture where meaningful conversations happen between people, enabling natural coaching and mentoring relationships to emerge for success

Conversations fuel motivation

For partners and managers who need to be having frequent, high quality check-ins with their team members, feedback acts as a catalyst and provides the substance to help managers coach individuals towards achieving their objectives, to help them grow in their current role, and it fuels motivation and engagement as individuals develop in line with their own aspirations.

Meaningful Conversations

Through the Flow platform, they will be able to access our unique ‘Meaningful Conversations’ framework and on-line course - a series of 7 modules which will develop their skills and confidence in how to conduct frequent check-in and coaching conversations that will build trust and deliver great outcomes.

"What we need above all else is the ability to have meaningful conversations which deliver on their intended purpose and build trust between individuals"

Module 1
An introduction to Meaningful Conversations
Module 2
Meaningful Conversations skills
Module 3
Meaningful objectives
Module 4
Meaningful feedback
Module 5
Meaningful coaching
Module 6
Meaningful appraisals
Module 7
Meaningful 360° feedback debriefs
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We got some great feedback!

The meaningful conversations model is great

It's making me think more objectively about how you have conversations with people

Simple to use in many ways; (I can)  check where I am myself in a conversation

Be more mindful of outcome - less of the friendly chat which is easy, more focus on outcome of the chat.

I liked the theory on building trust - like parenting!