Integrated 360 degree feedback made easy

A 360 degree feedback system that empowers people to develop their strengths and inspire development. Easy to administer, insightful reports

Sometimes you need more than real-time feedback

Real-time, continuous feedback from others to support regular personal reflection and check-in conversations will often be short and focused, with only a few questions based on a particular topic - for example, at the end of a matter, or performance on a deal.

Capture deeper insights into individual performance

By contrast, a traditional 360 degree feedback process can provide broader and deeper insights into an individual which may be more appropriate for career development and promotion conversations linked to an annual cycle.

“The target group of partners found the 360 degree feedback programme and one-to-one debrief meetings to be milestones in their professional development"

Develop partnership teams with 360 feedback

Similarly, a 360 feedback programme across a departmental or practice area partnership team, can be an invaluable tool in identifying the collective strengths and development opportunities to help that team perform to the best of its ability.

Simple programme set-up and administration

Flow provides the ability to set up more traditional 360 degree feedback programmes that can be centrally administered, with more detailed individual 360 feedback PDF reports, and aggregated data to create group 360 reports for teams.