Introducing Flow

The performance engagement platform designed to empower and grow your workforce

A cloud-based toolkit with feedback and engagement at its core, enabling the transition to a continuous performance management culture that provides the structure for achieving high-performing teams

The world is changing

Firms today need to be able to revise strategy, refocus priorities, and develop individuals skills and capabilities quickly in order to seize upon opportunities and respond to the rapid changes taking place within the world of professional services.

New approaches are needed

Research increasingly shows that traditional approaches to performance management where objectives are set individually and reviewed annually, with limited feedback along the way, are no longer relevant or effective when firms need to be more agile in the face of rapid change and complex work. The studies conclude that sustainable business performance is fundamentally underpinned by high levels of employee engagement.

Feedback builds engagement

Without feedback, talented individuals become disengaged, demotivated, and more likely to leave; and a lack of feedback also allows poor behaviour and performance to go unchecked, damaging the cultural fabric of the firm.

By empowering employees to request feedback on what they want, from whom they want, and when they want, they are able to get the feedback & recognition they need to improve, grow, and be fully engaged in their work and the firm.

Welcome to our Flow Platform

Flow feedback

Flow empowers employees to take control of their feedback, enabling individuals to request feedback from anyone in the organisation, at any time, on the topics which matter to them.

  • Decentralised feedback
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile enabled
  • Data analytics and business intelligence.
Learn more about our self serve feedback product

Flow 360

Flow provides the ability to set up more traditional 360 degree feedback programmes that can be centrally administered, with more detailed individual 360 feedback PDF reports, and aggregated data to create group 360 reports for teams.

Learn more about our 360° feedback platform

Flow focus

Feedback always needs context though to be most effective, so Flow allows individuals to capture their performance objectives, development   and career aspirations, before proactively seeking the feedback which helps move them towards these goals.

Learn more about how we enable individuals to develop

Flow conversations

For managers, feedback provides the substance to help them coach individuals towards achieving their objectives, develop in their current role, and it fuels motivation and engagement as individuals develop in line with their own aspirations.

Our unique ‘Meaningful Conversations’ framework and on-line course will develop Manager’s skills and confidence in how to conduct frequent check-in and coaching conversations that will build trust and deliver great outcomes.

Learn about our Meaningful Conversations programme

Empower your people

Let your people get feedback whenever they need it with Flow feedback.

Easy to get started. Sign up for a free 2 month trial today.

  • Administrators can create and publish feedback templates
  • View engagement rates
  • Individuals can pick a template and get feedback
  • Individuals can see feedback as it arrives
  • Individuals can save and share reports

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